Nebulous Beginnings: An Interview with Alicia Cahalane Lewis


About the Author

Raised in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Alicia Cahalane Lewis is a poet and Master of Masters Reiki practitioner. In 2013, she graduated from Naropa University with an MFA in Creative Writing, and while there, her work featured in Not Enough Night. Aware of her tie to the Valley that goes back nine generations, she recently returned after a twenty-five year hiatus in Maine where she raised two daughters. As witness to the stories of the early settlers’ perseverance and appreciation for the bounty and beauty of the Valley, it is a place where she continues to find inspiration for her creative work.

Cover Art

And the Gods Made Love, oil on canvas, 2012 by Winslow McCagg.

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Praise for nebulous beginnings & strings

love, love, love

“At times aphoristic, speculative, and conversational, the prose poems recall the longstanding debate about what makes us tick, and while the poems reference that debate, they also go beyond it–into the cosmos, toward the beginning of time, past strands of DNA, among the universe’s vibration. This is the poet and seeker’s take on human behavior and the answer, one that I trust intrinsically, is love, love, love.”

— J’Lyn Chapman, author of Beastlife
(Calamari Press)

wholehearted poetry

“This is wholehearted poetry; it reaches and reassures in the same essential gesture, a flick of your best friend’s lips, the sound of your name echoing across the plains and between the planets. Alicia Lewis lives within questions and beyond answers; this requires unassuming elegance of mind. What I mean to say is that her nebulous beginnings are gentle explosions & her strings breathe between us all. Read this & be yourself. Is there a greater gift?”    

— Joseph Braun, editor of The Lune


“In these exhilarating poems a combusting, igniting surge of exploratory language threads differently the connections of the particles and colossal energies of earth’s nebulous beginnings, the universe, science, poets, stars, and Love. Our very dna speaks to us!

‘…we all need to balance the stardust with the foot.’ ”

— Maureen Owen, author of Edges of Water
(Chax Press)