Foreign in the Homeland, At Home in a Foreign Land

by Linda Saccoccio

The calling is to create an authentic, primal reality, as vital as any living experience in the elemental world of nature, including human nature. The process is inclusive. Linda Saccoccio initiates it with color and gesture, maintaining its raw form by working with imperfections and oddities as well as reverence and its transcendent moments. There is a pulse, a heartbeat, physical action and seeking to convey and to understand her resonance in the world. Tangible poetry is the outcome.

Saccoccio’s painting has evolved since leaving the dense and linear environment of New York City, where she worked as a painter and attended graduate school at the School of Visual Arts. She currently lives amidst the expansive beauty of Santa Barbara, with its subtle qualities of light and atmosphere, and its brilliant and earthy colors. This has irreversibly changed her visual vocabulary. She is inspired by her surroundings, whether hiking in the foothills, walking on the beach, or just viewing the Channel Islands and the Pacific Ocean from her home. Learn more at