a conversation

Tea & Tattered Pages teams up with poet Sam Pekarske to curate Re-story-nation, a conversational podcast series with poets, writers, artists, scientists, and others. The name is borrowed from an interview in Edge Effects, in which Robin Wall Kimmerer says, 

stories embrace the intellect, physical sense, emotion, and spirit. It’s so holistic. We remember in these powerful ways because each part of our being has been touched. Gary Nabhan has said, as we try to heal the earth with restoration, with ecological restoration, that’s well and good but what we really need to do is re-story-ation.
— Robin Wall Kimmerer, 2015



Sam Pekarske enjoys pulling the pieces together, especially when she isn’t sure what the pieces are or where to find them. As the curator of reading series Poets Read Some Stuff Someplace in Milwaukee, recently named 2017 Best Poetry Reading Series by Milwaukee Magazine, and Short Shots, she strives to showcase the physical manifestation of the deeply personal art of poetry while bringing powerful voices to a breadth of people. In her spare time she writes, plays a few instruments, and spends an unhealthy amount of time with her cat, Max. Read up on her work at