The Earth is What Happens

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The Earth is What Happens

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About the Authors

Tim Armentrout is a poet and performance artist from West Virginia. He is the author of Someone Screaming Out (Spuyten Duyvil 2016) and All This Falling Away (Dusie 2007). His writing has appeared previously in Kestrel, Slumgullion, Not Enough Night, Holler, and several other small press publications.

Jay Besemer is a poet, performer, artist and editor whose books and chapbooks include Crybaby City (Spuyten Duyvil), Telephone, Chelate (both Brooklyn Arts Press), A New Territory Sought (Moria), Aster to Daylily (Damask Press) and Object with Man’s Face (Rain Taxi Ohm Editions). He is a finalist for the 2017 Publishing Triangle Award for Trans and Gender-Variant Literature. Jay is a contributing editor with The Operating System. Look for him on Twitter @divinetailor and on Tumblr

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Praise for The Earth is What Happens

"In The Earth Is What Happens, Armentrout and Besemer have created a tenderly scientific manual for the body isolate, dispatches from a Royal Society of one still investigating, still questioning on the prairie edge of America’s consciousness.  Here, among the celestial synapses, is found the point where an ellipsis becomes an elliptical orbit, an amber toad, a talisman of electricity, the optics of another oblivious aftermath."
Simeon Barry, author of Monograph (University of Georgia Press)

"I imagine Armentrout & Besemer circling the small space they have created for themselves, hurling words back and forth across a table, a bed, a corral, a dance floor, a marriage, the universe. All in fun, of course, but not quite. The toss sometimes underhand, lobbed loosely at the other and then back again overhand, fast and hard at the face. I can hear one ask the other, 'What will you make of this?' Then, the response. And, seemingly without having planned it at all, the work 'coalesces into its self-pluralizing unity.'"
Sarah Elkins, Director of Marketing Operations with PracticeLink
Co-Editor of Outrider Magazine

"In the prose word sentence movements of THE EARTH IS WHAT HAPPENS Tim Armentrout and Jay Besemer bring together the human drama and the cosmos’ holographic sheen...this collaborative kaleidoscope collage overflows...glimmer and hope and disaster life excesses… and there’s SUSPENSE! and it’s SPECTRAL! the psychological fathoming of a THIRD MIND!...these juxtaposed moments incessantly provoking reading yr own repression’s desire...Take this pome on! find yourself holding it! reading it! You’ll become something else! SOMEONE ELSE!"
Jared Hayes, author of The Dead Love (Black Radish Books)