three by Hannah Kezema


three by Hannah Kezema


"I wanted to build a pyramid. Began with a square. I tried pulling it upwards to form a cone, and could not fold points to center, could not craft edges. It did not look like a pyramid. I went underneath it, cupped water in my hands, rendering the clay too slippery. It spread like liquid. I succumbed to not knowing, not striving. Hands shaped a triangle before my mind remembered. I had forgotten that matter becomes shapely. I expressed a triangle – tried to perfectly align each side."

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A Moving Meditation

"In this moving meditation, the reader is offered a journey through uncertainty. Through prose, the epistolary, and lineated text, Kezema provides, with geometric precision, a glimpse into the complicated questions of the self, the other, and the nature of loss. Starting with aftermath, her text points toward what is both possible and what is ultimately unreachable. This is writing that slices straight to the heart."
              --Sara Veglahn, author of The Mayflies

An Elegant Triptych

Hannah Kezema’s Three is a sexy threesome and painful triangulation, an elegant triptych where pronouns give you the slip and change places, like the bodies—the stars—moving in and out of view. Here we find ambivalence and desire, longing and regret. Send these poems to your current lover and to your ex. Like the sides of Kezema’s shimmering triangle, They could never be the same.
               -- Teresa Carmody, author of Maison Femme: a fiction

A Magnificent Love Story

"Part mystery thriller, part bildungsroman, part story told backwards like Memento, Hannah Kezema’s 'Three' from Tattered Press exerts a magnetic pull on the reader that won’t quit.  Only rarely do we come across a poet with a foot in each world—the earthly and the heavenly—but Hannah Kezema may be the American Mary Butts we have searched for all these years, for she, too, comes 'armed with madness.' The 'I' in these poems sings 'to find/ the divine/ in my prime/ I am a child.  Hers is a magnificent love story that almost could be happening here on our planet."
                -- Kevin Killian, author of Tweaky Village