The submission period for our chapbook series is currently OPEN: January 1 – March 1. Please note that we do not accept manuscripts during closed reading periods. Our staff is comprised of volunteers who have full-time day jobs. Thank you for understanding.

Let's create beautiful things!


Coffee House

Submissions Closed
Due to funding constraints, we are on hiatus for the foreseeable future.

We tend to cultivate books from writers with whom we've developed a relationship through our chapbook series, pamphlet series, or elsewhere; however, please don't let that stop you! During open reading periods, send us a query that includes your bio. Allow up to six (6) weeks for a response.


Chapbook Series

Submissions Closed
Due to funding constraints and the inability to publish accepted chapbooks in a timely manner, submissions are closed for the foreseeable future.

The Tattered Pages chapbook series is an intentional experience, from the writing to the editing and layout process to hand stitching each work. Please send up to 28 pages of your poems, prose, essays or hybrid work in a pdf or word document. Also include a cover letter with your bio and a brief chapbook description.


Pamphlet Series

Submissions Closed.
Due to time constraints, the pamphlet series is on hiatus. The three pamphlets that still need to be published will be published.

A meditation on reciprocity and community, each year the Panthalassa Pamphlet series poses a question. "Answers" can be in the form of essays, poems, art, or critiques and are featured throughout the year. Read the prompt, then send us up to 10 pages of your work.